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Book a stay at La Maison du Lierre, Hotel and Wellness Center, in the center of Biarritz. Throughout your stopover, you will enjoy charming attentions: 3-star services, peaceful garden, tasty breakfast, renovated rooms and many more. The real plus of our hotel in Biarritz center is our privileged geographical location, a few steps from the beach.

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A piece of history
The history of our House

Over the years
Discover the House of Lierre

It all started with the first Maison du Lierre, born in 2003 in Bordeaux, with a clear desire: to create an independent, non-conformist hotel with a lot of character. It's always a new experience that awaits you during a stay at the Maison du Lierre. 

La Maison du Lierre in Biarritz was born in 2006. This magnificent house, built in 1903, served as a second home for wealthy English families vacationing on the Basque Coast. Enter this beautiful Maison de Maître from the 1900s in the city center of Biarritz and learn more about its history, at the bend of a corridor, by observing an object or by chatting with a member of the team. 

Madame and Monsieur Deveze have completely redesigned the house, its decoration and its atmosphere. Stroll through the different rooms and appreciate the red stucco of Venice, the old parquet floors, the wooden staircase listed as a monument of the city, the sparkling notes and the modern touches. 

La Maison du Lierre is a proposal for a moment of escape in a family atmosphere! 

The human and the family The origin of the name

Deeply inspired by the values of the home, Hélène Deveze named the Hotel, after a century-old ivy that stood in the backyard of the Bordeaux establishment, “La Maison du Lierre”. La Maison du Lierre conveys strong values: human and family. All team members feel concerned by these values. 

Shared by the whole team Our values

At La Maison du Lierre, we promote the values of Authenticity and Family. Respect for people and the environment is at the center of our interactions and our actions. Reconnecting with yourself and nature are an integral part of your stopover at La Maison du Lierre. 

We want to highlight our values, by being an important player in the protection of the environment. To respect our commitments, our actions are divided into two parts: rational consumption of resources and intelligent waste. 

Consume less, for more comfort Reasoned consumption of resources

  • Our cleaning products are organic,
  • We do not use chemicals or toxic products for the environment,
  • All our bulbs are LED or energy-saving,
  • All our flushes and taps have a water saving system,
  • We clean our windows and vitrified surfaces with steam,
  • We have installed a new boiler that consumes 40% less energy for the same output,
  • We will only change your towels if you leave them on the floor, thus reducing the number of washes,
  • We prefer short circuits for breakfast,
  • In project: we want to install a rainwater collector to water our garden.

Less impact on our planet Smart waste

  • We collect the coffee grounds to use as fertilizer and anti-fly in the garden,
  • The cardboard boxes from our orange orders are reused as storage space in the reserve,
  • The black soap, used to clean the ground, is recovered to spray the leaves of the garden which has a natural and organic insecticidal effect,
  • We selectively sort all waste from the reception to the floors,
  • Unconsumed chopsticks are given to animals (horses and chickens on the farm),
  • We work with the company CRYO, which offers high-end bottled water that has no impact on the environment, 
  • In project: we want to partner with for the recycling of unfinished hospitality products.