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Book a stay at La Maison du Lierre, Hotel and Wellness Center, in the center of Biarritz. Throughout your stopover, you will enjoy charming attentions: 3-star services, peaceful garden, tasty breakfast, renovated rooms and many more. The real plus of our hotel in Biarritz center is our privileged geographical location, a few steps from the beach.

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I have the simplest taste in the world, I settle for the best" - Oscar Wilde

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo da Vinci

In our breakfast offer, in some of our 3-star services or in the various facilities of our establishment, we involve local artisans and producers, who have our full confidence. Our partners share their know-how and their exceptional product. We invite you to meet those who contribute to the quality of your stay in our family hotel in Biarritz center.

Breakfast Oteiza

Son of a farmer, Pierre Oteiza is now a breeder, producer and artisan butcher based in his native village of Aldudes in the Basque Country, in the heart of the Pyrenees.

Aldudes Valley Ham – OTEIZA

Ham from the Aldudes Valley, made from traditional white pork, is salted with Salies-de-Béarn salt and matured in the prevailing southerly wind in the Aldudes collective and natural dryer, between 12 and 14 months depending on its weight. Ideally ripened, it is probed to capture its aroma, then rubbed with chilli. The salting technique, the time, its long maturing in the south wind, give it its unique character. Its flesh is an even red, its fine texture is supple, tender and soft. Its taste is fine and its aromas subtle. GOLD medal at the Concours Général Agricole 2016.

Pierre Oteiza

Breakfast ESAIN family

Nestled in the heart of the Aldudes Valley, the Esain family produces an exceptional farm sheep's cheese for the greatest pleasure of our taste buds!

Refined for 3 months, Feranyo sheep's cheese can be eaten simply on a piece of bread. Give it a sweet and savory touch by serving it with homemade quince or quince jelly, or black cherry jam.

Breakfast Jenofa Bide

Close to Hasparren, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, Jenofa raises around fifty goats that roam freely in the undergrowth.

Their milk offers us Garralda goat cheese with a well-matured paste for at least two months, soft, but distinctive. Silver Medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2022!

This goat cheese will surprise you with its sweet and subtle flavor on the palate. Accompany the Garralda goat cheese with a red Irouleguy AOC wine, Domaine Mouguy.

Garralda goat cheese is delicious with quince jelly or black cherry jam.

Breakfast Preteux Bakery – Loubere

Established in Biarritz since 1986, La Maison Loubère is an institution in the world of bakeries. With 36 years of activity, it offers a wide range of breads, baguettes and pastries.

Our selection: baguettes, cereal baguettes, spelled bread, brioche, Basque cake and mini pastries.

We have selected a wide choice of sweet and savory products to allow you to discover their know-how, in reasonable and fair portions.

Breakfast Farm Idiartia Etxaldea

Jon Harlouchet raises around twenty Montbéliard dairy cows (treated with aromatherapy and homeopathy) and transforms the organic milk into yoghurt. He set up grass drying techniques and is behind the reintroduction of local varieties of corn, the famous Arto Gorria or “Basque Roux Sweet Corn”.

Plain yogurts: No milk powder is added during the production of yogurts. All their smoothness is due to the high quality of the milk. The aromas are certified organic, the organic sugar comes from fair trade.

Breakfast Olatu

Inspired by the ocean and produced by the land, their juices are made from locally harvested fruit. Like the Basque Country, Olatu juices are 100% natural.

In their juices, "non-calibrated" fruits and vegetables are favored in order to give them a second life.

Apple juice and juice of the moment: Our Olerkia apple juice, meaning "poem" in Basque, is the basis of many of our juices. With this name, we wanted to pay tribute to this mythical product from the Basque Country which has so many stories to tell.

Olatu juices

Breakfast The 4 seasons – Ariane

Based in the village of Oeyregave, in the Landes, for many years, Ariane has been making jams cooked in a cauldron according to the traditional recipe.

Strawberry and apricot jams: Rediscover the classic strawberry and apricot jams on toast or mixed with our traditional yoghurts.

Breakfast The Orangery

Based in Anglet, Jérôme Durquet is a primeur, Meilleur Ouvrier de France. “We like fruits and vegetables, the real ones, those that come out of the back of the garden. We like to surprise with fruits that you don't know. But above all, we like to please you. »

Orange and fresh seasonal fruit: Squeezed orange juice is essential for the proper functioning of our body. It helps us maintain and strengthen our defenses and protects us against a multitude of viruses and bacteria.

The Orangery

Breakfast Duplessis-Bayonne

Following in the footsteps of Raymond Duplessis, a Breton fisherman, Cédric has chosen to work with fish in his own way.

The salt comes from Salies-de-Béarn. The Palas ALZA factory, based in Bayonne, supplies the shavings and sawdust.

Baïgorry smoked trout 4/5 people: Baïgorry trout enjoy high quality water. That of the rivers of the Nive and Nivelle watersheds. They benefit from a lower density in each tank, from food composed of foods with less energy and less fat, as well as a longer breeding period.

So many criteria which give trout more slender, more muscular, with less fatty flesh, because by having more space, they swim more.

They are delicately cold smoked with plane tree shavings.


Little sweets Paris

The history of Maison Pariès began in 1895 when Jacques Damestoy moved to Bayonne as a master chocolatier. He knew how to pass on to 4 generations a demand for excellence and respect for traditional products. Céline Martin-Pariès takes over from Françoise, her mother, and embodies this 5th generation. She is now the guarantor of the secrets of the more than century-old recipes of Maison Pariès. The family business perpetuates this know-how and constantly innovates with the same rules. She selects varieties of cocoa trees and their origin, vanilla from Madagascar, pepper from Nosy-bé, Espelette pepper, Marconas almonds directly from producers in the south of Spain... The creations evolve with the rhythm of production. of their market gardening partners.

Assortment of chocolates: It was via the Basque Country and its corsairs that France discovered txokalatea. The small port of Pasaia, a stone's throw from Saint-Jean-de-Luz, was for a long time the only gateway to Europe for this nugget of the New World, making Bayonne the capital of chocolate in the 19th century. Also, since its foundation in 1895 by Jacques Domestoy, the transformation of the precious bean has been part of the Maison Pariès DNA and has always been melted chocolate!


Wine The Adour Winery

Wine merchant in Anglet offers us his selection of white wine, rosé and champagne.

The Adour Winery

Beer The superb

Created in 2016 in Biarritz, La Superbe was born from a passion for homebrewing and a love for highly hopped juices. Inspired and attracted from the start by New School breweries, La Superbe specialized in IPAs/DIPAs.

The malts and hops used are selected from the best varieties around the world, according to their aromatic and taste profiles to create exceptional hopped juices. No additives, colorants, preservatives and extracts are involved in the production process.

Kölsch: Blonde from top fermentation with a beautiful aromatic balance between fruity and floral notes. A little sweetness in this hoppy world!

Summer Ale: A light beer with malted wheat flavors with hints of fresh fruit and good drinkability. Perfect for summer!

The water Cryo

CRYO®, a private and family-owned French company, is the leader, on its very high-end positioning, in micro-purified water produced (or filtered water) on site for gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels.

Founded in 2007 in Aix en Provence after receiving a first AL 2005 Innovation Award for its product, CRYO® offers its customers, duly selected on several continents, a remarkable organoleptic water quality through a modern design.

EAU CRYO® flat: evokes softness, lightness and perfect neutrality in the mouth. Rinses the palate for a better sensation of flavors and aromas. Preserves aromatic herbs and improves the binder of juices.

Sustainable approach: The CRYO® Company aims to offer the best chefs and sommeliers water of exceptional quality with a neutral taste and having no impact on the environment. Served in bottles with a simple and elegant design, still or sparkling, CRYO® water is produced and refreshed directly on site. The bottles are no longer transported, stored or thrown away. With CRYO® tasting water, you adopt a responsible eco-citizen attitude by reducing the manufacture of bottles and their transport on the road.